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Q: Do you do shoot headshots for just one person?

A: Typically not, our pricing structure is set to make it economically advantageous to our clients to shoot group shots.

Q: How much do you charge for headshots?

A: We charge a flat rate for headshots,which includes headshots for up to 15 people at your site, at whatever time you choose within a 6 hour time frame. We recommend 30 minutes per person to allow time to relax and if need be, try on different outfits. The final product includes one photoshopped image per person, final files delivered via Dropbox, full size. We charge $1000 for headshots of up to 15 people. We do not have a half day rate.

Q: What should we wear?

A: It’s best to have your folks wear solids, avoiding patterned or floral patterns on shirts or dresses. Black or white, neutral greys are best for shirts and pants. I wouldn’t get a haircut the day before the shoot.

Q: What if we want more than one image per person edited?

A: If you want more than one version of a headshot from your proofs edited we are happy to know you like them. The additional charge is $75 dollars per additional headshot.

Q: How do you decide where in our facility to shoot?

A: The best locations are in a low traffic area, in a space with white walls and ceilings. The larger the space, the better. Imagine something the size of a racquetball court as optimal. Of course, you probably don’t a racquetball court sized space just sitting around your office, I can make most places work, if you send me pictures of the place where you plan to have me shoot, that will help to decide.

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: Yes